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Pavar is a New York Emmy nominated producer for her work with ABC's "Localish". Her stories highlight the outsanding work of people in the disability community, advocates and the movement to end stereotypes about being disabled. 

ABC Localish: Masoon Zayid- Comedy Boss and Disability Advocate

Maysoon Zayid is many things. Funny is just one of them

ABC Localish: Matthew Whitaker Makes Music Magic

Jazz phenom Matthew Whitaker performs a breathtaking show to raise money for the music school that sparked his career.

ABC Localish: Zoe's Unique Comedy Journey

Zoe Hartman sees things differently. How she used comedy to adjust to losing her sight.

ABC Localish: ReelAbilities Film Festival

The New York ReelAbilities Film Festival creates exciting opportunites for powerful disability storyteling.

ABC Localish: How NYC's Contento Serves Food, Hospitality and Culture of Accessibility

Contento serves up great food for all with its inclusive and disability freiendly environment.

ABC Localish: Disability Pride Month Special

Pavar hosts the ABC Localish Disability Pride Month Special.

ABC Localish: Stylin' with Stephanie Thomas

Pavar sits down with disability fashion expert and stylist Stephanie Thomas. They discuss Stephanie's career and mission to change sterotypes in the fashion industry.

ABC Localish: Disabled Down Center Broadway Night

How Brennan Srisirikul created a dynamic and amazing Broadway showcase, starring a talented all disabled cast.

ABC Localish: Natalie Trevonne Proves Fashion Is Limitless

Fashion designer Natalie Trevonne shows the world that fashion has no limits. And she just happens to be blind.

ABC Localish: Katy Sullivan's Groundbreaking Tony Nomination

Actress Katy Sullivan can do anything. From the Paralympics to Broadway to the Tony awards.

ABC Localish: NYC's Most Inclusive Roller Jam Ever

The massive roller jam proves everyone can get in on the fun at 30 Rock.

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